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CryptoGraf Company Limited, based in Bangkok Thailand, was founded in mid-2003 to research and develop systems for mobile communications.

CryptoGraf, originally named NetGalileo, started out to research and develop WLAN location based services essential for indoor tracking and locating where GPS signals do not operate. Users of PDAs within warehouses, malls and hypermarkets would be enabled to orientate themselves and find items with 10 foot (3 metre) accuracy. That development was put on hold since mid-2004 due to an apparent decline in PDA sales and consumer shift to smartphones.


CryptoGraf's founder CEO and CTO, Jay Busari, was temporarily involved as an independent technical consultant on a telecoms procurement feasibility study dealing with "lawful interception". His expertise with telecoms was acquired while working in engineering, product development and management at Nokia in Asia and Europe. He gained some insights into the wire-tapping business and was inspired to create CryptoGraf for privacy protection.

CryptoGraf's original knowledge and expertise with telecoms, security and handheld device development was channeled to develop a product for privacy protection. Along the way CryptoGraf has invented tools to enhance security, mobility and usability, a

nd claimed intellectual property rights with EU patents pending.

CryptoGraf was conceived during a time when government intrusions on personal privacy was seen as a necessary compromise. The political awareness and dialogue has changed considerably these few years. People are increasingly aware that governments do not need all intrusive powers to fight crime effectively.

Cryptography related technologies, for privacy protection, have been available for use on computers for quite a while. People have been sending encrypted email messages for more than 10 years. It's about time for technical innovations to make cryptography usable on the mobile phone.

Currently, use of crypto for business and trade has overtaken the volume of crypto used by governments and military combined. Crypto is now used to encode satellite television signals, protect banking and ATM networks, and almost every purchase done over the internet.

Crypto is the trusted engine driving e-commerce on the internet.

CryptoGraf is a way to maintain trust, keep secrets and reduce the risk of trade.