CryptoGraf Mobile Banking Solution V.1.0


Retail Banking on the Move


Retail Banking services available at any time and from any location

Usable, Stable and Secure basis to expand mobile banking services

Independent from the mobile network operator

Reach larger number of retail clients on any mobile network

International roaming bank clients need for transaction availability and security

Over 240 mobile device models supported to include high end, popular and low cost handsets

Greater capability to serve the critical mass of banking clients

Multiple ways (SMS, 3G, MMS, GPRS, WLAN) to execute mobile banking transactions

Transaction flow more intuitive to the banking clients

Secure two-factor authentication and legal digital signatures enable compliance with industry regulations and electronic transaction legislation

Authentication, encryption, intrusion& fraud detection against internal and external threats

Retail banking service availability policy and practice across borders

Security and Usability to support business objective for ease of deployment, wider acceptance and service availability

Strategic industry partnerships and synergies to bring about the tipping point for ubiquitous secure mobile banking service