CryptoGraf PEN & KEY V1.0 Enterprise Edition Data Sheet


Enterprise Edition

Use mobile as Pen to Digitally Sign electronic documents for enterprise work flow, MS Office documents

Use mobile as Key to Encrypt email while enterprise staff work from home or remote locations

Integrate with Public Key Infrastructure for authentication, security and legally verifiable electronic documents

Encrypt Mobile SMS and MMS for enterprise staff at any location


Verify and Authenticate Enterprise Communications within the office and with staff on business trips

Enable Enterprise Security Policies for desktop and mobile communication

Text SMS and MMS in any language supported by mobile device


Change SIM cards while maintaining protected and private communication

Email and MMS includes text, image, sound and video attachments.

Ease of use integrated with Desktop Document and Email software and messaging software on mobile

Prevent industrial espionage, wiretaps, thieves and the curious from access to enterprise confidential information

Secure Desktop Email in MS Outlook. Mozilla Thunderbird and Lotus Notes under development

Localized menus in Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Thai


Over 100 mobile device models supported

Windows Mobile devices from multiple handset manufacturers (HTC Touch Diamond, Motorola Q9, Samsung i780 and many more)

Nokia E-Series and N-Series with Symbian S60 platform