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CryptoGraf Messaging v2.50 allows users to send encrypted and digitally signed SMS and MMS on their mobile smartphones based on the widely available Symbian platform.
The user experience of CryptoGraf Messaging is as consistent as possible with comparatively little complexity when encrypting messages to send.
The sender simply composes the message, selects the recipient and presses "send" and CryptoGraf Messaging v2.50 automatically encrypts the message with the recipient's public key.
When the message arrives at the recipient's phone, the encrypted message can only be read when recipient uses CryptoGraf Messaging v2.50
CryptoGraf Messaging v2.50 allows users to generate their own private encryption key and saves the corresponding public key (for distribution) as a digital certificate. Users only need to supply their name, organization, country and validity for the digital certificate.


Free Version and Activation Code Purchase

A free version (no time limit, no expiry date) is available, for users to correspond with 2 Contacts using RSA 1024 bits Crypto Key size.


Purchase CryptoGraf Activation Code to send secret messages with more Contacts and use RSA 2048 bits Crypto Key size.

Only the phone hardware serial number or IMEI is needed to obtain the CryptoGraf Activation Code.
Only the phone's IMEI is needed in order to obtain the activation code.
Downloadable Cryptograf Messaging .sis file is 700KB, installed app is 1MB.
On older phones, download CryptoGraf Messsaging .sis file is 260KB, installed app is 600KB.
Encrypted and Digitally Signed messages will be sent with a minimum overhead of 3-4 SMS packets, while minimum overhead of 10KB will be sent as just 1 MMS.

CryptoGraf messages can be sent among mobile subscribers
- on same network
- on different operator networks
- to international networks
- while roaming on other operator networks
- using any language (supported by phone).

CryptoGraf Messaging users include businessmen, banks, brokers, enterprises, lawyers, public prosecutors, diplomats, activists, NGOs, journalists, lovers and teenagers.

CryptoGraf is developing more products to secure your mobility.

CryptoGraf is also continuously developing existing products to support a wider range of phone models.