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Release Upgrade CryptoGraf Messaging v2.0 on Nokia N95, E61i and E65
By CryptoGraf
Monday,July 09 2007

CryptoGraf Company Limited, an innovative mobile security software firm, today announced the availability of a significant application upgrade to CryptoGraf Messaging v2.0 which enables mobile peer to peer business and personal networking with security and integrity. Positioned for deployment of additional services in partnership with leading mobile operators and financial institutions, CryptoGraf continues to raise the bar at delivering usable, secure and cost-effective products for mobile privacy, banking and commerce.

Jay Busari, CEO of CryptoGraf commented "Early 21st century has now been marked by grim security concerns, but those concerns have now dominated to the extent of subverting due legal process and the democratic system of checks and balances. There is a compelling need to go beyond fear as the driver of policy, decisions and actions." Several highly publicized abuses due to broad assertions of authority now affect the privacy of citizens, activists, journalists, diplomats and businessmen to impact civil rights and free trade.

"CryptoGraf Messaging reconciles conflicting needs in the face of these provocative security concerns. CryptoGraf is committed to enabling privacy as a basis of civil rights and to protecting personal financial information. CryptoGraf Messaging complies with effective EU anti-terrorism legislation which mandates keeping call records to track criminal networks...without the need for intrusive wiretapping which can often be misused for politically partisan purposes or for economic gain." Jay Busari maintains.

"There is an acute awareness among mobile device users of the increased amount of theft and loss of devices. Several youth also realise the value of keeping their personal communications away from prying eyes. With CryptoGraf Messaging, users need not worry about loss of important business or personal communications on their handsets."

Users can also send an SMS based Invite so their contacts can download CryptoGraf Messaging v2.0 over the air and use the Free Version with no time limit. This SMS based Invite differs from the current wave of mobile advertising which is often perceived as unsolicited spam. The SMS based Invite to download and use CryptoGraf Messaging is more effective since subscribers who initiate the invitation are well positioned to know that the recipient will accept it as an informative message.

CryptoGraf Messaging allows users to generate very secure encryption keys by selecting an image from their camera phone. Random pixels from the selected image are used in combination to result in a highly secure encryption key.

CryptoGraf Messaging v2.0 allows users to send encrypted and digitally signed SMS and MMS on their mobile smartphones based on the widely available Symbian platform which include popular handsets like the Nokia N95, E61i and E65 from among over 50 different models.

The user experience of CryptoGraf Messaging is simple when encrypting messages to send. The sender simply composes the message, selects the recipient and presses "send"and CryptoGraf Messaging automatically encrypts the message with the recipient's public key. When the message arrives at the recipient's phone, the encrypted message can only be read when recipient uses CryptoGraf Messaging. So a Free Version, with no time limit, is also available for users to correspond with 2 contacts.