CryptoGraf Security Audit Service


Risk Management


Information-Centric approach assists institutions to meet expectations of customer data and privacy protection

Mitigate risks to information from business infrastructure initiatives

Intellectual property, financial, legal, personnel and customer information flows

Audit processes for dynamic access to information that capitalize on ever evolving market requirements and revenue opportunities

Enable perimeter defense strategies transitioning to information centric protections

Enterprise Security Policies for server, desktop and mobile communication

Enterprise 24x7 operations audit business continuity of operations in the event of epidemics, disasters and attacks

CryptoGraf products and professional services with multi-tier perspective on mitigating risk to business services

CryptoGraf consultant partners include enterprises, hackers, and security professionals

Authentication, encryption, intrusion& fraud detection against internal and external threats

Overlay business continuity policy and practice across multiple divisions and affiliated organizations

Prevent industrial espionage, illegal interception, thieves and the curious from access to enterprise confidential information

Secure Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Wireless LAN, Internet, Web Services, Database, Applications, File Server, Storage, Archive, Backup, USB Drive