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You'll soon be able to Send Message Keep Secret!

When CryptoGraf Messaging is started, a Privacy Statement dialog will inform you that the application uses the phone Contacts database, bluetooth, SMS and MMS to exchange information with other mobiles. This is according to Symbian standard practice to make users aware of the features and functionality used by each application they install. You will then be asked if you don't want to see this information dialog in future.


Start by creating personal Crypto Profile

1. Start CryptoGraf Messaging

2. Click on any folder you will automatically be guided to create My Crypto Profile .
3.1. If you want to use the Free Version, select "Yes"
- 1024 bits Crypto Key size is used by default
3.1. If you purchased and received a CryptoGraf Activation Code, select "No"
- Select message containing your CryptoGraf Activation Code
- Select 1024 or 2048 bits Crypto Key size
4. Select an image for the Randomizer of Crypto Keys
5. Enter personal info and expiry date for My Crypto Profile
6. Select own name from phone Contacts database
7. Enter password and confirm to protect the private Crypto Key


Send own Crypto Contact to others

1. Select Crypto Contacts folder
2. Select My Crypto Profile
3. Options--Send Crypto Contact
- Via bluetooth (recipient will get High Trust Crypto Contact)
- Via SMS/MMS (recipient will get Low Trust Crypto Contact)


Receive and Save Crypto Contacts

1. Select message containing Crypto Contact received in Inbox
2. Options--Save Crypto Contact
3. Select name from phone Contacts database
- Crypto Contacts received by bluetooth are High Trust
- Crypto Contacts received by sms/mms are Low Trust


Send Message Keep Secret with all Crypto Contacts !


Note: You can also forward Crypto Contacts on to others.


Free Version Notes:

When you exit the Inbox you will be asked if you want to to Invite your contacts to use CryptoGraf Messaging, if yes, SMS is sent with link to download the Free Version.
You can only save 2 Crypto Contacts.
No time limit for using CryptoGraf Messaging Free Version.