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We have made considerable efforts to deliver a stable and secure release of CryptoGraf Messaging v2.5. If you find any issues that you think need to be fixed, please send an email to .

Here's a listing of known technical issues we have found (and workarounds that are suggested):

1.Unable to Install. CryptoGraf Messaging cannot be installed on your S60 phone. This problem is usually fixed by doing a firmware upgrade.

2.Writing long text SMS but cannot scroll down to see the full text. Using MMS is more cost saving when you send a long SMS. Including a picture will immediately enable the scrollbar in the MMS text editor.

3. MMS Decrypt not possible on some phones.
-On some combination of network and phone model (eg N70 on operator B, or N95 on operator M), the receiving phone cannot decrypt MMS. Error Message " Not a CryptoGraf Message" is displayed.

4.In Crypto Contacts->Show info->More
Fingerprint Algorithm:SHA1
- This is only the fingerprint algorithm used with Crypto Contacts, in order to comply with X.509 Digital Certificates which still use SHA-1 Fingerprint Algorithm.

5.In Crypto Contacts->Show info->More
Signature Algorithm:SHA1 with RSA encryption
- This is only the signature algorithm used within Crypto Contacts, in order to comply with X.509 Digital Certificates which still use SHA-1 Fingerprint Algorithm. Messages sent with CryptoGraf Messaging have the Signature Algorithm "SHA256 with RSA encryption".

6. Decrypt MMS sometimes shows bad layout of image and text.
- simply close the MMS message and open again. The layout should be automatically adjusted.

7. Multiple recipients for each sms or mms cannot be added
- not possible in this release.

8. MMS with video or sound clip cannot be played back as a presentation
- click Options->Objects
- select each video or sound clip to play separately

9. Re-Create My Crypto Profile 2 times in one session, sometimes causes "Internal Error"
- Exit and Start CryptoGraf Messaging again to re-create new My Crypto Profile

10. In My Folders, cannot create/open/delete sub folders
- not possible in this release
- can only open/delete messages in My Folders

11. The first few characters or bytes of each sms look the same
- those are headers indicating the type and size of encoding blocks
- those headers need not be encrypted, they help CryptoGraf Messaging read the message efficiently